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Arkansas Active Shooter Response Course

The 9-hour course covers all the relevant training for active shooting scenarios, covering both live fire training and force on force realistic scenarios.

We enhanced our tactical concealed carry course to become an advanced active shooter response training course, covering firearms safety, situational awareness, force on force and defensive/ tactical firearms continual development. A unique course that covers both live fire training then situational response force on force.

We use simunitions FX training equipment and ammunition, students will be placed in real-world scenarios requiring them to demonstrate best judgment in the confrontation with an active shooter and the relevant escalation of force response.

Advanced Concealed Carry, Defensive and Tactical Firearms Training Overview

  • Firearms safety & fundamentals

  • Operating functions of the pistol

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

  • Basics of shooting (grip, stance, shooting mechanics)

  • Concealment clothing and drawing your firearm from concealment

  • Firearms handling techniques (different positions & different directions)

  • Reloading & stoppages (basic and under stress)

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Low light & limited viability shooting techniques

  • Use of deadly force & threat/ risk analysis


Force on Force Scenarios Training Overview

  • Introduction and familiarization with the FX system

  • Real world active shooter situations

  • Isolation force on force techniques

  • Stress effects and operating under stress

  • Clearing an area (room, hallway, stairs, multi-room complex)

  • Navigating crowds and populated areas

  • Confronting and recognizing the threat

  • Shoot and no-shoot situations

  • Considerations for escalation of deadly force and contact with law enforcement

  • Containing an active shooter for law enforcement response


The student will require the following;

  • Pistol/ handgun

  • Magazine holder

  • Pistol/ handgun ammunition

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • Groin protection (Required for the force on force training)

  • Long sleeve clothing (Required form the force on force training

We will provide the force on force safety equipment, simuntons pistols, FX ammunition and long sleeve training clothing/ uniforms required for the course.

Training Facilities Northwest Arkansas

We have 3 training facilities within NW Arkansas, full tactical shooting ranges, all calibers and set up for special operations tactical teams. Four live fire frangible shoot house complexes on the main training compound. School bus for force on force and frangible. Indoor training drill shed, combat and martial arts training area. Tower complex designed for force on force and frangible, unique training environment. Other facilities, covering driving area and multi-level live fire and force on force building complex.

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