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Trojan Securities advanced surveillance, intelligence gathering & counter surveillance operations course, designed for operating in hostile environments.

The course is designed at conducting surveillance, intelligence and counter surveillance operations in hostile environments, with an emphasis on successfully detecting hostile or third party activities. The training course will cover the basics then move onto the intermediate and advanced areas of surveillance, intelligence gathering and covert surveillance techniques.

  • Surveillance observation & awareness

  • Surveillance definitions & objectives

  • Surveillance techniques

  • Threat assessments, threat analysis & target identification process

  • Intelligence gathering & surveillance detection

  • Terrorist & hostile surveillance techniques

  • Surveillance operations planning & management

  • Counter surveillance & intelligence techniques

  • Personal security & kidnap awareness

During the training course students will be made aware of the methods of operation used by various terrorists criminal groups and how to detect and defeat these said measures. All the core skills are then put into practice by carrying out supervised surveillance and intelligence exercises, with an emphasis on successfully detecting criminal and terrorist hostile activities.

Basic Surveillance Overview

  • Introduction of surveillance and intelligence gathering operations

  • General Surveillance awareness

  • Roles and responsibilities of surveillance operators

  • Types of surveillance (static, mobile foot, mobile vehicle)  

  • Surveillance techniques (mobile foot & mobile vehicle)

  • Communications while working surveillance operations  

Intermediate/ Advanced Overview

  • Setting up a surveillance and intelligence operations room  

  • Close target reconnaissance (CTR)  

  • Surveillance detection

  • Surveillance teams (multiple teams)

  • Terrorist & hostile surveillance  

  • Night surveillance operations

  • Anti-surveillance techniques

  • Counter surveillance techniques



  • How to conduct anti surveillance techniques

  • Anti-surveillance operations using skills taught

Counter Surveillance

  • How to conduct a counter surveillance operation

  • Counter surveillance exercise using all skills taught


Personal Security

The personal security phase is designed to teach the student preventative measures to be used in everyday life to safeguard against becoming a potential target.

  • Situation awareness

  • Kidnap awareness & situations

  • Security procedures (home, office & traveling)

  • Reaction to possible threats

  • Dealing with confrontations

The cost for the internationally recognized Security Specialist and Security Risk Management is $425. We require a completed application form, identification and payment. We will send the training manuals and exam, which will be graded. The official certification will be processed, electronic and hard copy of the qualifications.

Like the other E-Learning qualifications/ certifications, the cost of the tuition will be taken away if you come and go through a practical training course of the same classification.

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