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Trojan Securities (TSI) and Trojan Defense (TIDG) is a training organization based on providing the most current and up to date operational methods for military, law enforcement and high-level security professionals. Trojan Securities offers its services to foreign Governments, military special  forces/ operations, corporations and agencies for specialized high-risk security operations training.

  • High-Risk Protective Security (PSD)

  • Close Protection (Hostile Environments)

  • Risk Management & Conflict Resolution

  • Advanced Tactical Weapons

  • Hostage Rescue & Negotiations

  • Advanced Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

  • Advanced Small Team Tactics

  • Covert Surveillance Operations

  • Counter Surveillance & Intelligence

  • Sniper/ Counter Sniper Training

  • Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Training

  • Counter Terrorism (CT)

  • Police Special Weapons & Tactics

  • Police Dignitary Protection & Security

  • Police Covert Surveillance & Intelligence


Trojan Securities provides international mobile training teams (IMTT) and individual instructors. The cost factor of flying personnel to our specific facility can be expensive. It is sometimes more feasible to send our instructors to your location.

Key points for using our Mobile Training Teams/ Instructors

  • Cost effective to the client/ agency

  • Instruction in your working environment

  • Training team/ instructors can meet with senior management and discuss training issues

  • Supervisors are able to observe and evaluate there staff's performance

Weapons & certain equipment restrictions

There are restrictions for the international mobile training team. We do not provide our own weapon systems and specialized equipment without the necessary legal paperwork and governmental or agency authorization.

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