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We have developed and designed some of the best firearms and weapons training for the civilian community. These classes are taken from our existing, Government, military and police special operations courses, we have tailored these unique classes for the armed civilian. Train to the highest level, be prepared for any situation. We have developed and designed some of the best firearms and weapons training for the private civilian community.

  • Private citizens

  • Families

  • Office & work associates

  • Team management events

  • Organizations

Our private training instruction can be delivered one on one or groups. We currently have clients training from 2 hours to full training days. Private instruction is charged by the hour for individuals or as a group rate for more than one person. The training is developed based on your requirements and training goals. This will include Firearms training, personal protection, foreign weapons familiarization and force on force using realistic scenarios.

Training Classes

  • Firearms familiarization

  • Foreign weapons familiarization

  • Tactical weapons

  • Defensive pistol, rifle and shotgun

  • Close quarters combat

  • Special weapons and tactics

  • Vehicle defense and deployment

  • Building and room defense/ evacuation

  • Advanced pistol and rifle manipulation

  • Force on force realistic situations

  • Advanced frangible building tactics

  • High threat protective security

  • Hostage rescue & counter terrorism

  • Surveillance & intelligence (anti & counter surveillance methods)

  • Pistol & rifle armorers certified training classes

  • NRA certified training classes

Contact us for more details, we can discuss your training objectives, and develop a continual training plan for you or your group.

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