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Training Center & Facilities Overview

We have two training facilities in Northwest Arkansas, the main compound, has two shooting ranges, the main range is fully tactical, vehicles and team movements, shoot-house complex for live-fire, with paper and steel targets. The other shooting range is a multi-directional range, vehicles and team movement. We have classrooms, indoor drill shed for dry drills and demonstrations. The tower is a multi-level complex for frangible and force on force, each level a different floor plan. The second training facility is a multi-level concrete structure, used for frangible and force om force. Driving track around the building for vehicle assaults and security driving.

Training Facilities Certification

  • Central Contractor Registry (CCR) United States Government & Military Armed Forces

  • Police & law enforcement approved tactical training center (LEO-TTC)

  • Approved weapons storage facilities, designed for the Department of Energy (DOE)

  • Approved simuntion tactical training facility (Government, Military & Law Enforcement)

  • Federal firearms license, FFL & Class 3

  • Training facilities have full comprehensive insurance & liability certification


Registered United States & United Kingdom Governments

  • US Government System for Award Management (SAM)

  • D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) DUNS

  • Commercial & Government Entity Code (CAGE)

  • Central Contractor Registry (CCR)

  • Military Merchant Code

  • National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service

  • Space & Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR)

  • Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO)

  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command

  • Military Sealift Command

  • Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support

  • UK MOD (DCO) Defense Contracts


Firearms, Weapons Systems & Training Equipment

We have a unique variety of domestic, foreign and specialty firearms, weapons systems and training equipment. Covering, pistols, rifles, carbines, shotguns and long range rifles. We have exclusive restricted weapon systems, fully automatic, short barreled rifles, personal defense weapons and silences (rifles and pistols). 


Main Training Facility

  • Classrooms

  • Indoor close quarters combat training area

  • Indoor large training/ demonstration area (static, movement & FX isolation techniques)

  • Live fire ranges, pistol, rifle & shotgun (paper, steel, mobile target systems & barricades)

  • Rappelling tower (60 foot) 7 level complex, force on force & live fire frangible

  • Rappelling tower (fast rope set up with platform)

  • Trojan tower complex, multi level (FX & CQT) shoot & no shoot mobile targets

  • Outside building, multi-room complex force on force & CQT training

  • Maritime complex (bulk head doors & hallways) day & night operations

  • School bus (force on force) static targets (shoot/ no shoot scenarios)

  • Training vehicles

360 Tactical Movement Shooting Range

  • Tactical movement shooting range, vehicles and on foot

  • All live-fire immediate action drills

  • Rifle, pistols and shotguns, all calibers

  • Higher speed multiple vehicle tactical situations


Indoor Shoot House

  • Indoor large room complex

  • Operational doors

  • Continual room to room access (adaptable layout concept)

  • Instructor overhead walkway

  • Day & night (lighted & low light training environment)

  • Multiple threats/ targets (movable targets)

  • Force on force & frangible (9mm & 5.56)


Second Training Facility

  • Medical & firefighting training resources

  • Remote multi-level tactical building (force on force & frangible live ammunition)

  • Remote training site, driving area

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