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Trojan International Defense Group & Trojan Securities International. Internationally Recognized Certification (IRC). E-Learning qualification for continual education for Security Specialist & Security Risk Management.

E-learning Counter Terrorism & Lone Operator Certification.

The online course will cover, counter terrorism, urban warfare, close target reconnaissance, intelligence and executive hostage rescue. This is a unique opportunity to get internationally recognized qualifications, for the high level executive protection and specialist security industry.

This training course involves real world experience and realistic techniques, the training covers individual and small/ large team tactics. Designed and developed for domestic and international environments where terrorism & kidnapping are a major concern, everyone is a possible target or opportunity. 

E-Learning Training Certification Overview

  • Hostage Rescue (Executive Hostage Rescue EHRT) Urban Operations

  • Urban Warfare (Fighting In Built Up Areas/ MOUT

  • Executive Hostage Rescue (Security & Close Protection Teams)

  • Urban Warfare Close Quarters Combat/ Battle (CQC/ B)

  • Executive Hostage Rescue (Dynamic Entries)

  • Building Description Format

  • Stronghold Intelligence Brief

  • Close Target Reconnaissance CTR (Example)                                                              

  • Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)

  • Clearing/ Searching Rooms (Small Teams)                                                                 

  • Room Clearing Small Teams (Demonstration)

  • Executive Hostage Rescue (Kidnap Awareness Briefing)

  • Hostage Survival TIPS

  • Body Language

  • Communication         

The cost for the internationally recognized Counter Terrorism & Lone Operator certification is $425. We require a completed application form, identification and payment. We will send the training manuals and exam, which will be graded. The official certification will be processed, electronic and hard copy of the qualifications.

Like the other E-Learning qualifications/ certifications, the cost of the tuition will be taken away if you come and go through a practical training course of the same classification.

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