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The 4-day Hostile Environment Force Protection Course developed for the United States & International Special Forces. We are now providing the course for Security Contractors, Security Forces and Private Military Contractors.


This training course will test and develop mental acuity, decision making judgment, operational maturity, physical endurance, and precision shooting within the context of the cultural and operational environments.

  • Concealed carry procedures

  • Concealed handgun fighting techniques (live fire and simunition)

  • Close quarters engagement techniques

  • Close quarters shooting and weapons manipulation while moving

  • Close quarters live fire weapon and unarmed engagements

  • Close quarters counter ambush and offensive tactics and procedures

  • Enhanced personal protection techniques both in vehicles and dismounted

  • Emergency cover and concealment in semi-permissive and non-permissive environments

  • Fighting in and around vehicles-armed and unarmed in confined spaces to include vehicles

  • Fighting transitions from empty hand strikes to edged weapons to ballistic weapons

  • Fighting with weapons and disarming techniques


The Advanced Lone Operator Course is a unique complete training package, covering urban operations, special weapons & tactics, close quarters battle/ combat, hostage rescue and kidnap survival. The course is conducted with a very practical approach using advanced continual learning. ​

This training course involves real world experience and realistic techniques, the training covers individual and small team tactics. Designed and developed for domestic and international environments where terrorism & kidnapping are a major concern, everyone is a possible target or opportunity. ​

Advanced Tactical Pistol

  • The different variations of pistols

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

  • Reloading & stoppages (basic and under stress)

  • In depth cleaning & maintenance

Advanced Tactical Rifle

  • The different variations of the M4 rifle & carbine (standard, tactical & suppressed)

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

  • In depth cleaning & maintenance

  • Rifle up grade modifications

Advanced Tactical Shotgun

  • The different variations of shotguns

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

Personal Security

  • Personal security & strategies for personal safety

  • Travel security & risk awareness

  • Kidnapping situations


Intelligence Gathering & Surveillance

  • Close target reconnaissance (CTR)

  • Site reconnaissance & information gathering

  • Static surveillance, mobile surveillance & anti & counter surveillance


Operational Planning/ Orders

  • logistical requirements & support services 

  • Intelligence briefings

  • Planning & execution of asset recovery

  • Planning & execution of hostage/ kidnap recovery situations

  • Changing & adapting plans on the move (unforeseen problems & concerns) 


Weapons Familiarization

  • Pistols

  • Rifles & Carbines

  • Shotguns

  • Foreign & specialist weapons

Firearms Training

  • Weapons safety & fundamentals

  • Weapons handling & shooting techniques (multiple directions)

  • Reloading & stoppages (basic and under stress)

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Low light & limited viability shooting techniques

  • Use of deadly force & threat/ risk analysis


Building & Room Clearing Techniques

  • Fundamentals of close quarters door, window, room clearing

  • Door types, room types (center feed, side feed, multiple openings, common access)

  • Movement techniques individual & small teams

  • Single level building, individual & small teams

  • Multi-level tower complex, stairs & ladders

  • Low light building conditions


Urban Village/ Town Clearing & Movement Techniques

  • Team movement over open ground (situation awareness)

  • Team movement command, control & communications


Simunition® (Force on Force)

  • Isolation techniques (shoot, no shoot confrontations & the use of deadly force)

  • Multi-level building, stairs and ladders

  • Multi-level building complex

  • School bus


Advanced Firearms Training

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions

  • Shooting techniques pistols & rifles using barricades

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Problem solving under stressful situations (weapons malfunctions)

  • Movement drills, individual, pairs & small teams (multi directional, multiple threats)


Advanced Vehicle Anti-Ambush Techniques (Live Fire)

  • Individual single vehicle anti-ambush

  • Driver & passenger single vehicle anti-ambush

  • Driver & small team single vehicle anti-ambush

  • Vehicle anti-ambush & team evacuation (basic movement)

  • Vehicle anti-ambush & evacuation (advanced fighting through building & rooms)

  • Vehicle anti-ambush & evacuation (teams operating, problem solving on the move)


Advanced Shoot House

  • Small teams pistol & rifle/ carbine

  • Multiple small teams

  • Low light situations (night training)


Advanced Urban Terrain

  • Team movements (mission, objective & evacuation) live fire

Live Fire Building

  • Live fire, building & rooms (individual)

  • Live fire, building & rooms (pairs & small teams)

  • Single entry & multiple entry considerations

  • 2-3 small teams single entry & multiple room clearing with multiple threats

  • 2-3 small teams multiple entry points (complete building complex)

  • Shoot & no shoot situations under stress

  • Pistols, rifles & shotguns


Counter Terrorism


  • Perimeter security and containment

  • Identification of hostiles and hostages

  • Threat evaluation and weapons perception

  • Information analysis and assault team brief

  • Tactical warm up and weapon system preparation

  • Weapon transition and retention

  • Selective shooting and firing on the move

  • Immediate threat concepts and target isolation

  • Coordinated, simultaneous, multi-directional assault


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