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The Executive Protection Course, covering diplomatic security and worldwide protection services. The course is very comprehensive and innovative, covering the most current up to date training and operational executive protection and diplomatic security techniques.

​​​​​​Training Overview

  • Basic & advanced executive/ close protection (roles & responsibilities)

  • Advanced executive/ close protection foot techniques & vehicle formations

  • Close protection & security operational planning

  • Threat assessments & risk analysis

  • Risk Management, conflict resolution & security polices

  • Site surveys, security advances & route reconnaissance

  • Close quarters combat (CQC) & defensive shooting skills

  • Interpersonal skills & conflict management (realistic incidents)

  • Physical intervention skills & crisis management

  • Advanced counter actions (team formations & vehicle movements)

  • Advanced weapons training (pistols, carbines, rifles & shotguns)

  • Protective services/ security detail attack on client & evacuation live fire situations

  • Security convoy, single & multiple ambush live fire situations

  • Weapons familiarization (pistols, rifles & shotguns)

  • Anti-Kidnap techniques & security awareness for hostile environments

  • Force on force (SIMUNITION®) realistic high risk security scenarios

  • Protective surveillance (protective security operations)


Training Certifications

  • Trojan Securities International & Trojan International Defense Group

  • NRA certification available (additional fee for NRA training & certification)


NRA Training & Certifications Available

  • NRA pistol

  • NRA rifle

  • NRA shotgun

  • NRA personal protection in the home

  • NRA personal protection outside the home (basic & advanced shooting/ tactics)

  • NRA advanced defensive pistol


Conflict Management & Resolution

The conflict resolution training module was designed and developed for our close protection/ protective services training course. The conflict module is an updated training certification which is awarded with the PSD course qualification. Covering the required learning, related with conflict, types of conflict, causes of conflict, stages of conflict and preventing conflict.

Close Protection Officer/ Bodyguard (Protocol)


  • Roles & responsibilities


Personal Security

  • Security & risk awareness

  • Strategies for personal safety

  • Self-defense & the law

  • The legal aftermath of a deadly force shooting


Team Walking Formations

  • Observation skills & situation awareness techniques

  • Necessary footwork for individual and team positions 

  • Arcs of responsibility and tasks for each member of the team, 1,2,3,4,5 operators 

  • Client control and counter action drills, for 1,2,3,4,5 person teams 

  • Walking drills, low & high profile operations 

  • Satellite security operators (roles & responsibilities) high & low profile operations

  • Protective surveillance operators (high & low profile operations)


Weapons Handling (Pistol, Rifle & Shotguns)

  • Pistol, rifle & shotgun fundamentals (stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger)

  • Holster selection & concealment (pistol)

  • Different carrying options, slings (rifle & shotgun)

  • Pistol holster drills (mechanics of drawing & using a pistol)

  • Different firing positions & multiple threats/ directions

  • Drawing or using your weapons in difficult scenarios & situations


Vehicle Formations

  • Vehicle selection, 1, 2 & 3 vehicle convoy positions

  • Overview covering both high risk and low risk operations

  • Seating arrangements for client and team members

  • Embus and debus of vehicles with the client or clients

  • Differences between soft and armored vehicles 

  • Overview vehicle counter actions on attack


Threat Assessment/ Site Surveys

  • How to conduct a threat assessment & risk analysis

  • Security site surveys (assessment, solutions & presentation) 


Risk Management & Conflict Resolution

  • Risk assessments & analysis

  • Risk assessment reports

  • Conflict awareness & resolution

  • Security & risk policy (developing security polices)

Security Advances

  • Security advance procedures

  • Restaurant surveys, hotel surveys, building surveys 


Route Reconnaissance

  • Travel security

  • Route selection and reconnaissance reports


Suspect Searching Techniques

  • Wall & ground searching techniques

  • Controlling multiple individuals/ suspects 


Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Vehicle searches for explosives

  • Building searches for explosives 


Isolation Techniques (Force on Force)

  • Individual force on force isolation reaction drills

  • Single & multiple realistic scenarios


Close Protection Team Counter Actions (Force on Force)

  • Walking formations, single attack

  • Walking formations, multiple attack

  • Formations with satellite operators, single & multiple attacks


Vehicle Counter Actions (Force on Force)

  • Front vehicle attack, client transfer drills

  • Left and right vehicle attacks, client transfer drills

  • Vehicle attack, fire/ move leaving vehicles, secure location


Force On Force Anti Ambush Drills

  • Force on Force (SIMUNITION®)


Team Evacuation Actions (Force on Force)

  • Full counter actions, client movement, evaluation drills (single & multiple threats/ directions)

  • Full vehicle and walking formations counter actions


Weapons Disarming Techniques

  • Disarming training designed for individuals and security teams

  • Realistic tried and tested techniques


Executive Close/ Protection Security Driving

  • Driving basics

  • Security driving

  • Vehicle formations


Firearms Training

  • Weapons safety & fundamentals

  • Operating functions of the pistol, rifle & shotgun

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

  • Basics of shooting (grip, stance, shooting mechanics)

  • Weapons handling & basic shooting techniques (different positions & different directions)

  • Reloading & stoppages (basic and under stress)

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Low light & limited viability shooting techniques

  • Use of deadly force & threat/ risk analysis

  • In depth cleaning & maintenance


Advanced Firearms Training

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions (pistols & rifles)

  • Shooting techniques pistols & rifles using barricades (different forms of cover)

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Problem solving under stressful situations (weapons malfunctions)

  • Movement drills, operating in pairs, multi directional, multiple threats


Advanced Firearms (Vehicles & Security Convoy Anti Ambush)

  • Firearms selection and storage (pistols, rifles & shotguns)

  • Using weapons in & around vehicles

  • Shooting techniques from a vehicle (driver, passenger & rear seated positions)

  • Shooting from vehicles multiple targets under stressful situations

  • Shooting through vehicle windows (different calibers)

  • Vehicle live fire contact drills, multi directional (anti ambush, client transfer) 


Advanced Firearms (Team Evacuation Counter Actions)

  • Counter actions, client movement, evaluation drills (multiple threats)

  • Team evacuation and support team elements


Deadly Force & the Law

  • Self-defense & the law

  • The legal aftermath of a deadly force shooting


Kidnap Awareness

  • Kidnapping methods (opportunist & planned attacks)


SIMUNTION® is a registered trademark of General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems-Canada Inc.

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