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The training course covers high threat private military contractor continual training. This course is a quick refresher, advanced weapons, live counter actions covering formations & vehicles.


This 4 day course does have attendance requirements.

Trojan Securities are innovators and know that training techniques are ever-changing; our training courses are under continual development and advancement. We are dedicated to providing the most current up to date and effective training techniques - Directive Staff Trojan Securities.

Training Overview

  • Advanced weapons (pistols, carbines, rifles & shotguns)

  • PMC attack on client & evacuation live fire situations

  • Security convoy (PMC), single & multiple ambush live fire situations

  • Force on force (SIMUNITION®) PMC formations & convoy counter actions

  • In depth weapon system familiarization (new weapon systems/ platforms)

  • Advanced close quarters defensive combat (CQDC)

  • Advanced low light & reduced light situations, pistol & rifle (live fire & force on force)

  • PMC team, live multiple ambush/ attacks, urban evacuations

  • PMC advanced convoy, urban deployment & evacuation

  • PMC team, force on force office/ residential (shoot-house complex)

  • PMC team, office/ residential (live frangible shoot-house)

  • Client/ executive hostage recovery (live frangible & force on force) complex situations

SIMUNTION® is a registered trademark of General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems-Canada Inc.

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