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The 4 day maritime security anti-piracy and individual small arms training qualification course is the next advanced level from the basic ship security and vessel security courses.

  • Maritime advanced & specialist anti-piracy (M-ASAP)

  • Maritime foreign weapon familiarity (M-FWF)

  • Maritime Individual small arms training qualification course (M-ISAT-Q)

  • Maritime shipboard tactical casualty care/ medical awareness (M-TCC-MA)

The course is to provide shipboard contract security personnel with the knowledge, skills and abilities to safely, responsibly and effectively employ small arms in individual and unit self-defense/ force protection (lethal & non-lethal) of shipping companies, covering commercial and Government assets.

The small arms qualification course & training modules are set to the standards/ guidelines set by the Office of Naval Operations and the Military Sealift Command (MSC) (ISAT-Q).

The course will quickly overview the SSO, VSO roles and responsibilities, (ISPS Code, SOLAS & ROE), in depth advanced ship security assessments, ship security plans covering anti-piracy operations, threat identification/ analysis & counter piracy situations. The specialist modules will include, force on force realistic/ actual piracy situations and maritime live fire small arms training (pistols, rifles, shotguns & sniper rifles).

Training Course Overview

  • History & frequency of pirate attacks worldwide

  • Methods & tactics used by pirate while conducting attacks

  • Basic SSO/ VSO, roles & responsibilities, legal responsibilities

  • Ship security plans (SSP) & ship security assessments (SSA)

  • Safety & occupational health (SOH)

  • Piracy kidnap situations (avoidance & confrontations)

  • Firearms fundamentals regarding pistols, rifles & shotguns

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

  • Advanced close quarters combat (CQC) (advanced problem solving)

  • Tactical movement shooting techniques, intermediate & advanced

  • Operational planning & management (personnel, equipment & resources)

  • Searching techniques & multiple target control/ retention

  • Advanced CQC small teams (room & building clearing using frangible ammunition)

  • Advanced room & building clearing, small unit (pistol, rifle & shotgun)

  • Advanced low light & reduced light situations, pistol & rifle (live fire & force on force)

  • Force on force situations FX (basic to advanced complex & realistic scenarios)

Operational Planning/ Orders

  • Ship security plans (SSP) & ship security assessments (SSA)

  • logistical requirements & support services 

  • Changing & adapting plans on the move (unforeseen problems & concerns) 


Foreign Weapons Familiarization (FWF)

  • Pistols

  • Rifles

  • Shotguns

  • Long range rifles


Ship/ Vessel Small Arms

  • Ballistics of different calibers on a ship/ vessel environment

  • Recognition of weapons & ammunition (small & large arms)

  • Low light & limited viability shooting techniques

  • Use of deadly force & threat/ risk analysis


Firearms Training

  • Weapons handling & shooting techniques (pistol, rifle, shotgun)

  • Reloading & stoppages (malfunctions)

  • Multiple threats & different directions

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover


Individual Small Arms Training Qualification Course (ISAT-Q)

  • Small arms qualification course

  • Standards set by the Office of Naval Operations and the Military Sealift Command


Room Clearing Techniques

  • Fundamentals of close quarters shipboard environment

  • Door types, room types (center feed, side feed, multiple openings, common access)

  • Movement techniques, room & hallway (individual & small unit)

  • Multi-level techniques, stairs & ladders


Low Light Environment/ Situation Training

  • Introduction into lights and tactical flashlights

  • Hand held and weapon mounted flashlights, differences in tactics

  • Individual and small unit entry techniques, advanced multiple unit entries

  • Force on force, armed confrontation and unarmed persons, suspect handling/ detaining

  • Live fire frangible, individual and small unit, entry, room clearing & multi-level buildings


Simunition® (Force on Force)

  • Isolation techniques (shoot, no shoot confrontations & the use of deadly force)

  • Ship clearing, room to room

  • Multi-level, stairs and ladders


Advanced Firearms Training

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions

  • Shooting while moving & using available cover (under stressful & extreme situations)

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Problem solving under stressful situations (weapons malfunctions)

  • Movement drills, individual, pairs & small units (multi directional, multiple threats)


Advanced Shoot House (Frangible)

  • Small unit pistol & rifle/ carbine

  • Multiple small units

  • Low light situations (night training)


Advanced Multi-Level Shoot House (Shipboard Environment) (Frangible)

  • Small unit pistol & rifle/ carbine

  • Basic open doors with multiple rooms

  • Advanced closed doors with multiple rooms

  • Clearing low to high levels & clearing high to low levels


Live Fire Building

  • Live fire, building & rooms (individual)

  • Live fire, building & rooms (small unit)

  • Single entry & multiple entry considerations

  • Shoot & no shoot situations under stress

  • Pistols, rifles & shotguns

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