The advanced close protection and professional security driver training course. This course was designed and developed to cover all aspects of security driving, the basics to advanced vehicle anti-ambush techniques.

  • Security driving covering low & high profile protective operations

  • Close protection & professional security drivers roles & responsibilities

  • Security convoy driving, realistic situations, highway, rural & city (day time & night time)

  • Security driving, past and current case studies (car-jacking, kidnapping, assignation)

  • Advanced driving techniques (vehicle control, stopping, turning, reversing, multiple vehicles)

  • Low profile vehicle anti-ambush driving techniques (single & multiple convoy vehicles)

  • High profile vehicle anti-ambush driving techniques (reactive & evasive anti-ambush)

  • Security drivers, team weapons & firearms (weapon selection, carry, storage & legal)

  • Surveillance & counter surveillance develop & designed for security driving professionals

  • Live fire (frangible) shooting from moving vehicle/ vehicles (realistic single & multiple attacks)

  • Advanced vehicle live fire & vehicle evacuation under extreme stressful situations

The 3 day course is very in depth, with a realistic and professional approach to security driving. The course is a good mixture of classroom and practical techniques, covering in depth driving, vehicle control, basic anti-ambush, advanced anti-ambush and stressful live fire situations.

Driving Basics

  • Knowing your vehicle, routine maintenance, security precautions

  • Security driving awareness, commentary drive

  • Security route cards, client travel security, driver education 


Security Driving

  • Blocking and maneuvering, one, two and three vehicles

  • Security awareness while convoy driving

  • Security driving, city and highway, dealing with traffic

  • Communications


Vehicle Formations

  • Vehicle selection & vehicle convoy positions

  • Overview covering both high risk and low risk operations

  • Seating arrangements for client and team members

  • Em-bus and de-bus of vehicles with the client

  • Differences between soft and armored vehicles 


Security Driving Anti Ambush Techniques (Low Risk)

  • Low risk security driving techniques

  • One vehicle, check points, road blocks, carjacking situations

  • Two vehicle, check points, road blocks, carjacking situations

  • Vehicle breakdown, low risk transfer techniques


Security Driving Anti Ambush Techniques (High Risk)

  • Weapon selection, driving with weapons in the vehicles

  • Hostile environment anti ambush techniques

  • One and two vehicle high risk maneuvers

  • Client transfer techniques, high risk environments


Live Fire Vehicle Drills

  • Shooting from vehicles

  • Shooting from vehicles, anti-ambush and client transfer techniques