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Foreign Weapons Training

Foreign weapons training course. It’s a complete weapons training package, in depth weapons maintenance, (pistols, rifles, carbines & shotguns) basic fundamentals, intermediate weapons handling, close quarters combat (CQC), weapons familiarization and advanced shooting techniques.

Training Course Overview

  • ​Operating functions of the each weapon system

  • The different variations of the rifle weapons system (standard, tactical & suppressed)

  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)

  • Weapons handling, different shooting positions

  • Advanced shooting close quarters combat (CQC)

  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress

  • Weapons upgrade modifications (designed to make the weapons operate better)

Weapon Systems

  • AK47

  • FN L1A1-SLR

  • FN FS 2000

  • HK G3

  • Mauser K98

  • Berretta ARX

  • SKS Bullpup

  • Galil

  • VZ 58

  • UZI

We have a wide variety of rifles, carbines and pistols that used around the world. This is a quick overview we have more weapons available.

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