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Defense Contractor


Trojan Securities International and Trojan International Defense Group is a global organization who provides the most current and up to date operational methods for military, law enforcement and high threat security professionals. We offer our services to domestic/ foreign Governments, diplomatic security services, non-Government organizations and multi-national corporations.


Trojan Securities was established by former British elite military personnel with United States military special operations and law enforcement counterparts, providing a wide range of very specialized hostile environment solutions.

Registered United States & United Kingdom Governments

US Government System for Award Management (SAM)

D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) DUNS

Commercial & Government Entity Code (CAGE)

Central Contractor Registry (CCR)

Military Merchant Code

Federal firearms license (FFL) & (NFA) ATF

National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service

Space & Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR)

Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO)

Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Military Sealift Command

Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support

UK MOD (DCO) Defense Contracts

Trojan Securities International & Trojan International Defense Group is a leading provider of mission support, security training and travel risk advisory services to organizations worldwide.


​Trojan Securities & Trojan Defense distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional personnel, drawn from various international military, special operations, law enforcement and commercial agencies. These personnel have a wealth of exceptional worldwide experience and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.

Being a global group of companies we have a experienced management team, qualified training instructors and international specialist support staff.

United Kingdom | United States | Australia | Italy | Holland | Germany | Israel

Trojan International Defense Group is a training organization based on providing the most current and up to date operational methods for military, law enforcement and high-level security professionals.

Mobile Training Team

The Trojan group of companies, are Defense Contractors and can provide two types of mobile training, the first supporting the DOD and other Government agencies around the globe. This would include a combat advisory role. Training host nations Special Operations Forces and Counter Terrorism Units. The second being stand alone with authorization for Governments, military armed forces, security forces, law enforcement and multinational corporations.

Our experts can assist in planning, analyzing, training, operating, maintaining programs and continual mission support activities.

​​High-Risk Protective Operations

Personal Security Details (PSD)

Close Protection (Hostile Environments)

Risk Management & Conflict Resolution

Advanced Tactical Weapons

Hostage Rescue & Negotiations

Advanced Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

Advanced Small Team Tactics

Covert Surveillance Operations

Counter Surveillance & Intelligence

Sniper/ Counter Sniper Training

Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Training

Counter Terrorism (CT)

Police Special Weapons & Tactics

Police Dignitary Protection & Security

Police Covert Surveillance & Intelligence

There are restrictions for the international mobile training team. We do not provide our own weapon systems and specialized equipment without the necessary legal paperwork and governmental or agency authorization.


​Trojan Securities International & Trojan International Defense Group is a leading provider of mission support, security training and advisory services to organizations worldwide.

Trojan Securities provide a wide range of very specialized global security services. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have built a unique reputation for security consultancy, risk analysis, security management, advanced security & military training. Operating globally, many multinational corporations rely on us to help safeguard their executives, assets and major investments.

Trojan Securities, recognizing the threats, developing solutions and creating a safer environment.

Trojan Securities high-level security solutions are based on a flexible and modern approach to the provision of personal safety for our clients in today's hostile business environment.

With the ever-changing world of business, comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern business and corporate executives.

Active Shooter Response
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