Trojan International Defense Group & Trojan Securities International. Specifications for E Learning qualification for Close Protection, Executive Protection and Worldwide Protective Services.

E-learning security specialist and security risk management including worldwide protective services.


​The main training course modules;


  • Executive & Close Protection

  • Worldwide Protection Services

  • Security & VIP Driving

  • Security Risk Management


The online course will cover, Close Protection and Security Risk Management, broken down into individual training modules. This is a unique opportunity to get internationally recognized qualifications, for the high level protection and security industry.


Training course outcomes and individual subjects;


  1.    The Role of the Bodyguard (Close / Executive Protection Officer)

  2.    Bodyguard (Close Protection Officer) Protocol

  3.    Personal Security & Situation Awareness

  4.    Bodyguard Walking Drills (Foot Formations)

  5.    Personal Escort Section (PES)

  6.    Satellite Operators (Protective Surveillance)

  7.    Security Vehicles (Embus/ Debus) Vehicle Formations

  8.    Security Advance Party (SAP)

  9.    Advance Security (Checklist)

  10.    Residential Security Team (RST)

  11.    Building Security

  12.    Hotel Security

  13.    Restaurant & Venue Security

  14.    Office Security

  15.    Office Security (Makeshift Office)

  16.    Route Card (Route Selection & Reconnaissance)

  17.    Risk Analysis & Threat Assessments

  18.    Security Site Survey (Security Advances)

  19.    Security Policy (Developing Security Policies)

  20.    Operational Protection Planning

  21.    Operational Protection Orders

  22.    Protective Intelligence (PI)

  23.    Interpersonal Skills

  24.    Security Personal (Communication Skills)

  25.    Cultural Awareness

  26.    Decision Making Process (DMP) & Intelligence Preparation for Security               

  27.    Leadership for Security & Close Protection Professionals                                                          

  28.    Recognizing the Threat (Criminal or Terrorist)

  29.    Secured Business Meetings

  30.    Electronic Counter Measures

  31.    Client Travel Security

  32.    Client Vehicle Travel Security

  33.    Client Threat Assessment

  34.    Initial Client Contact

  35.    Client Profiling & Client Education

  36.    Executive Protection Driving (One Vehicle)

  37.    Executive Protection Driving (Two Vehicles)

  38.    Executive Protection Driving Techniques

  39.    Vehicle Anti-Ambush Techniques

  40.    Bombs Introduction

  41.    Bombs (Mail & Deliveries)

  42.    Improvised Explosive Devices Introduction

  43.    Improvised Explosives Devices (Vehicle Search)

  44.    Improvised Explosive Devices (Building Search)

  45.    Bomb (IED) & Physical Security Planning

  46.    Surveillance Awareness & Hostile Surveillance Operations

  47.    Terrorist Surveillance Operations & Planning

  48.    Basic Counter Surveillance

  49.    Basic Vehicle Counter Surveillance

  50.    Surveillance Descriptions & Report Writing

  51.    Building Clearing/ Searching Rooms (Small Teams & Individuals)

  52.    Executive Kidnap Awareness Briefing


The cost for the internationally recognized Security Specialist and Security Risk Management is $400. We require a completed application form, identification and payment. We will send the training manuals and exam, which will be graded. The official certification will be processed, electronic and hard copy of the qualifications.

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