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Military High Threat Close Protection (PSD)

TIDG advanced military close protection training was developed for high-risk operational close protection teams, military and law enforcement agencies/ personnel. Prerequisite approval is necessary to attend the advanced military close protection training course.

The training course is designed for hostile environments. This unique training course covers a wide range of high level specialist security skills. The course is going to be at quite a fast pace, there will be physical fitness on the course based on the techniques, which are relevant.

The advanced military close protection training course designed for hostile environments

Training Overview

  • Holster Drills (Pistols & Rifles)

  • Team Walking Formations (1,2,3,4,5,6 & Satellite Operators)

  • Vehicle Convoy Formations (1,2 & 3 Vehicles)

  • Threat Assessment/ Site Surveys

  • Security Advance & Route Selection

  • Searching Techniques (Ground & Wall Searching Techniques)

  • Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Team Immediate Actions (Force on Force)

  • Vehicle Convoy Immediate Actions (Force on Force)

  • Team Evacuation Immediate Actions (Force on Force)

  • Team Immediate Actions (Live Fire)

  • Vehicle Convoy Immediate Actions (Live Fire)

  • Team Evacuation Immediate Actions (Live Fire)

  • Weapons Disarming (Pistols & Rifles)

  • Weapons Familiarization (Pistols, Carbines & Foreign Weapons)

  • Firearms Training (Intermediate Static & Movement Weapons Training)

  • Close Quarter Combat (Hostile Environments)

  • Advanced Firearms Training (Team movement & Immediate Actions Techniques)

  • Executive Protection Driving (1,2 & 3 Vehicle Anti-Ambush Techniques)

  • Executive Hostage Awareness & Rescue (Close Protection Teams)


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