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Church Security Training


Church Security Training

We can provide training courses which have been designed and developed for situations involving church security. The training can and will be tailored made for each client based on any general requirements. We provide dedicated training solutions or we can audit your existing security measures already in place.

  • Security assessments

  • Conflict management

  • Close quarters defense

  • Less lethal techniques

  • Advanced firearms training

  • Legal considerations

Trojan Securities can provide both onsite training or at our own training facility, with a track record of training Governments, military, law enforcement and fortune 500 multi-national corporations. We develop the training with cost in mind, providing the most innovative current training techniques, working with your churches budget.

Church Protection & Security Assessments

Trojan Securities high-level protection is based on a flexible and modern approach to the provision of 'personal safety' dealing with situations in today's churches.

With the ever-changing world of personal safety, comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern executives. Trojan Securities has up-dated the traditional face of executive protection, by generating a secure method of protecting clients that is flexible, discreet and effective.

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