Advanced Executive/ Close Protection (Worldwide Protective Services) & Security Risk Management (Hostile Environments)

The advanced protective services close protection (PSD) & risk management training course designed for hostile environments. This unique training course is one of our most complete training packages, covering a wide range of high level specialist security and risk management skills. 

This 10 day course is a well rounded package which contains all the relevant areas to the high level security industry, we start off with the basics then move forward quite fast, there is a lot of information to learn on the course. We have a practical approach to training, some classroom but most of the time its practical hands on training.

  • Executive/ close protection officers/ teams
  • Dignitary protection security teams
  • Corporate/ business security & risk management personal
  • Security management & security supervisors
  • Military close protection & security detachment personnel
  • Police & law enforcement witness protection officers/ agents
  • International media & news reporters

Trojan Securities are innovators and know that training techniques are ever-changing; our training courses are under continual development and advancement. We are dedicated to providing the most current up to date and effective training techniques - Directive Staff Trojan Securities.

Training Overview

  • Basic & advanced executive/ close protection (roles & responsibilities)
  • Advanced executive/ close protection foot techniques & vehicle formations
  • Close protection & security operational planning
  • Threat assessments & risk analysis
  • Risk Management, conflict resolution & security polices
  • Site surveys, security advances & route reconnaissance
  • Close quarters combat (CQC) & defensive shooting skills
  • Interpersonal skills & conflict management (realistic incidents)
  • Physical intervention skills & crisis management
  • Advanced counter actions (team formations & vehicle movements)
  • Advanced weapons training (pistols, carbines, rifles & shotguns)
  • Protective services/ security detail (PSD) attack on client & evacuation live fire situations
  • Security convoy (PSD), single & multiple ambush live fire situations
  • Weapons familiarization (pistols, rifles & shotguns)
  • Anti-Kidnap techniques & security awareness for hostile environments
  • Force on force (SIMUNITION®) realistic high risk security scenarios
  • Protective surveillance (protective security operations)

These are essential skills needed for operating in countries where it is politically unstable, you could be placed in a situation that does not even have anything to do with your current assignment. The training was developed for high level security, executive/ close protection and risk management personnel operating in environments around the globe where security is necessary, covering high profile and low profile operations.

  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • South America
  • Central America
  • Caribbean
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Australia

Trojan Securities students attend from all over the globe, personal entering the industry and operators up dating there training for other contracts and assignments in different countries. This is a great way to network and train alongside individuals that have different experiences from operations worldwide. 

Training Certifications

  • Trojan Securities International (certification & recommendation)
  • NRA certification available (additional fee for NRA training & certification)... click here

NRA  Training & Certifications Available

  • NRA pistol
  • NRA rifle
  • NRA shotgun
  • NRA personal protection in the home
  • NRA personal protection outside the home (basic & advanced)


  • Training course enrollment process 
  • Introduction to the training facilities & training course overview

Close Protection Officer/ Bodyguard (Protocol)

  • Roles & responsibilities

Personal Security

  • Security & risk awareness
  • Strategies for personal safety
  • Self defense & the law
  • The legal aftermath of a deadly force shooting

Team Walking Formations

  • Observation skills & situation awareness techniques
  • Necessary footwork for individual and team positions 
  • Arcs of responsibility and tasks for each member of the team, 1,2,3,4,5 operators 
  • Client control and counter action drills, for 1,2,3,4,5 person teams 
  • Walking drills, low & high profile operations 
  • Satellite security operators (roles & responsibilities) high & low profile operations
  • Protective surveillance operators (high & low profile operations)

Weapons Handling (Pistol, Rifle & Shotguns)

  • Pistol, rifle & shotgun fundamentals (stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger)
  • Holster selection & concealment (pistol)
  • Different carrying options, slings (rifle & shotgun)
  • Pistol holster drills (mechanics of drawing & using a pistol)
  • Different firing positions & multiple threats/ directions
  • Drawing or using your weapons in difficult scenarios & situations

Vehicle Formations

  • Vehicle selection, 1, 2 & 3 vehicle convoy positions
  • Overview covering both high risk and low risk operations
  • Seating arrangements for client and team members
  • Embus and debus of vehicles with the client or clients
  • Differences between soft and armored vehicles 

Threat Assessment/ Site Surveys

  • How to conduct a threat assessment & risk analysis
  • Security site surveys (assessment, solutions & presentation) 

Risk Management & Conflict Resolution

  • Risk assessments & analysis
  • Risk assessment reports
  • Conflict awareness & resolution
  • Security & risk policy (developing security polices)

Security Advances

  • Security advance procedures
  • Restaurant surveys, hotel surveys, building surveys 

Route Reconnaissance

  • Travel security
  • Route selection and reconnaissance reports

Suspect Searching Techniques

  • Wall & ground searching techniques
  • Controlling multiple individuals/ suspects 

Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Vehicle searches for explosives
  • Building searches for explosives 

Isolation Techniques (Force on Force)

  • Individual force on force isolation reaction drills
  • Single & multiple realistic scenarios

Close Protection Team Counter Actions (Force on Force)

  • Walking formations, single attack
  • Walking formations, multiple attack
  • Formations with satellite operators, single & multiple attacks

Vehicle Convoy Counter Actions (Force on Force)

  • Front vehicle attack, client transfer drills
  • Left and right vehicle attacks, client transfer drills
  • Vehicle attack, fire/ move leaving vehicles, secure location

Force On Force Anti Ambush Drills

  • Force on Force (SIMUNITION®)

Team Evacuation Actions (Force on Force)

  • Full counter actions, client movement, evaluation drills (single & multiple threats/ directions)
  • Full vehicle and walking formations counter actions

Weapons Disarming Techniques

  • Pistols
  • Rifles

Executive Close/ Protection Security Driving

  • Driving basics
  • Security driving
  • Vehicle formations
  • Security driving anti ambush techniques

Firearms Training

  • Weapons safety & fundamentals
  • Operating functions of the pistol, rifle & shotgun
  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)
  • Basics of shooting (grip, stance, shooting mechanics)
  • Weapons handling & basic shooting techniques (different positions & different directions)
  • Reloading & stoppages (basic and under stress)
  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions
  • Shooting while moving & using available cover
  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress
  • Low light & limited viability shooting techniques
  • Shooting from concealed carry
  • Use of deadly force & threat/ risk analysis
  • In depth cleaning & maintenance

Advanced Firearms Training

  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions (pistols & rifles)
  • Shooting techniques pistols & rifles using barricades (different forms of cover)
  • Shooting while moving & using available cover
  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress
  • Problem solving under stressful situations (weapons malfunctions)
  • Movement drills, operating in pairs, multi directional, multiple threats

Advanced Firearms (Vehicles & Security Convoy Anti Ambush)

  • Firearms selection and storage (pistols, rifles & shotguns)
  • Using weapons in & around vehicles
  • Shooting techniques from a vehicle (driver, passenger & rear seated positions)
  • Shooting from vehicles multiple targets under stressful situations
  • Shooting through vehicle windows (different calibers)
  • Vehicle live fire contact drills, multi directional (anti ambush, client transfer) 

Advanced Vehicle Anti-Ambush Techniques (Live Fire)

  • Individual single vehicle anti-ambush
  • Driver & passenger single vehicle anti-ambush
  • Driver & security team single vehicle anti-ambush
  • Driver & security team single vehicle with client/ VIP anti-ambush
  • Single vehicle evacuation procedures security team
  • Single vehicle evacuation procedures security team & client/ VIP anti-ambush

Advanced Firearms (Team Evacuation Counter Actions)

  • Full counter actions, client movement, evaluation drills (single & multiple threats & multiple directions)
  • Team evacuation and support team elements

Deadly Force & The Law

  • Self defense & the law
  • The legal aftermath of a deadly force shooting

Kidnap Awareness

  • Kidnap situations (actual kidnap case studies)
  • Kidnapping methods (opportunist & planned attacks)
  • Client education & preventative security measures

Trojan Securities provide all the weapons systems, ammunition, training equipment & protective gear required for the training course.

SIMUNTION® is a registered trademark of General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems-Canada Inc.